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what kind of chocolate do you use?
we use guittard chocolate for dark, milk and white. they have been doing it since 1868. go to to find out what an awesome company they are.
is your chocolate gluten free, vegan, nut free, dairy free?
we do not sprinkle any gluten into our base chocolates. if you are ordering pretzel bark its not going to be gluten free. our dark chocolate is vegan. all of our base chocolates are nut free and the dark is dairy free. if you have a question or serious allergy please contact us before ordering.
does your chocolate melt during shipping?
short answer...yup. at this time we are not set up to cold ship. it is very expensive for you and me. a good rule of thumb is if its around 80° your order will melt. we usually pull the site down in the summer, but the danger is always there in warmer climates. if it does melt pop it in the fridge. it will be less beautiful, but still delicious. we can not guarantee the safety of shipping chocolate in warmer weather. 
how quickly do you ship?
we make every effort to ship between 1 - 3 business days of your order. we are not pulling pre-made products from a warehouse. practically everything is made and packaged to order. if you have a specific date that you need your order by please let us know. 
do you take special or custom orders?
constantly. i have access to almost any molds, a chocolate printer and do custom labels. weddings, showers, birthdays, corporate events are all excuses to keep the creative juices flowing. we love them! use the live chat or email me with any special requests. 
do you wholesale?
yes. email me for wholesale info. if there is someplace you think our candy should be let me know. i'll try my best.


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